Let’s be honest:
Food has lost its way.

The wholesome tastes we grew up with have been replaced by too many strange ingredients and mysterious substitutes. For people who avoid grain, the options are more bleak: Gluten-free loaves that claim to be healthy but load up on extra carbs and sugar; so-called “Paleo” bread with its odd taste gamcore and limp texture. No thank you.

We think it’s time to embrace what we honestly love about eating… and lose what we don’t. That’s why we created Barely Bread.

By replacing wheat with a blend of almond, seed, and coconut flours, we create loaves with a perfect mix of health benefits, texture and taste.

“I wanted to create bread so wonderful, I’d be proud to serve it to anyone — from gluten-free guests to people who just love good food.”

Amanda Orso


Our purpose is simple:
to delight and reward people who want to
live healthier lives

We are restoring bread’s rightful place at the table — without the grain,
guilt or guesswork. What’s not to love?