Honest-to-Goodness Grain-Free Bread. Finally.

Barely Bread artisan-quality loaves, rolls and bagels blend wholesome ingredients, satisfying taste and texture, and genuine nutrition… with absolutely nothing to hide.

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Love what you eat.
Love what it’s made of.

Every loaf of Barely Bread is full of amazing flavor — made from a blend of organic eggs, almond flour, apples, and other ingredients you’d be proud to have in your pantry.

See the goodness that goes into our products.

The nutritious choice you can’t wait to share.

While most bread alternatives sneak in extra sugar and carbs, Barely Bread comes with a clean conscience… and plenty of fiber, protein and Omega 3s.


Both Flavor and Health.
With No Compromises.

Every bite is full satisfying flavor with a firm, appealing texture that’s perfect for toast, a sandwich, or any way you love bread.

Get some Barely Bread in your life.

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